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Kiêng khem ăn uống khi cho con bú

Many women think they should eating abstinence when breastfeeding. Reply to this matter Dr. Doan Thi Tuong Vi, nutrition clinic, health center Hanoi Preventive advice:

Breastfeeding is the best way to nourish your child . To have abundant milk supply, mum  should eat diversity food contains protein, healthy fat, sugar, vitamins, and minerals,drink 2.5 -3 liters of milk, juice or fresh fruit, soup, water filter.

In general, mothers should eat many kind of food , except you notice an obvious reaction in your baby to a particular food, such as wine, beer, tea, coffee, spices, chili, pepper, basil olive ( this would be different for every child ) .

Mum should sleep at least 8 hours a day , breastfeeding regularly to make sure you have enough milk to meet the baby's needs. Breast milk is a nutritious food, balanced, easily absorbed the safety, convenience and create an mother ship emotional .

Especially the baby will get the immune factors help protect him when breastfeeding .

Breast cancer is one of the common cancer, serious threat to women's health. What to eat to help women prevent breast cancer?

Everyone knows the antioxidant effects of mango, but the US scientists discovered that, in some quality mangoes also have the ability to prevent and inhibit colon cancer cells and breast cancer. 
Acid tannic with the mango is a bitter plant polypheno, have the effect of inhibiting and preventing colon cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, leukemia and prostate cancer. 


Kiwi is a fruit Rare, contain high levels of vitamin C 2-4 times higher than oranges, more than 3 times to 60 times compared apples and grapes. The substance of the kiwi can prevent the production of nitrosamines, which is effective against cancer, especially breast cancer. Note, because vitamin C-rich kiwi so after eating seafood should not eat kiwi. 

The beans, lentils, peas are rich in nutrients, low in fat, high protein, rich in antioxidants and saponins. This food group will help improve health. Experts recommend soy products before puberty. The study also pointed out, pre-menopausal women who ate soy with a certain amount will be reduced to 50% risk of breast cancer. 

Carrots are rich in carotene, after carotene in the body will be transformed into vitamin A. Vitamin A can maintain normal structure and function of the epithelial cells in the body, preventing the encroachment of cancer cells, stimulating the immune system of the body, raising the possibility anticancer activity of the body, and affect the excretion of carcinogens. Carrots are especially suitable for prevention and treatment of breast cancer. Women can eat carrots in a long time. How to eat fried carrot is best because it can help the body absorb carotene best quality. 

This ruffle wedding dress chapel train goes on for days! Ruffles are so sweet and playful, and moms who dress their little girls in them now know that one day they will be walking down the aisle in them! This stunning Lazaro might look like a city chic gown, but I bet a country chic bride in cowgirl boots would have a ball in it on the dance floor!

8 Crunch Free Abs Exercises ...

Sometimes, a girl just wants a flat stomach without crunches, but are there any crunch free abs exercises? Yes,there are some great crunch free abs exercises that work the lower, upper, and outer abs for a fully flattened effect. Here are my favorite no-crunch exercises that pack a major punch in the result arena!

Leave it to a yoga enthusiast to have the first of the crunch free abs exercises be yoga based. This pose is great for working both the upper and lower abs as well as the back and shoulders. Lay on your back and raise your legs, torso, and arms off the ground until you are in the shape of a "V." Your arms should be straight out above your head and the only part touching the ground should be your tailbone. I try to hold this for one minute to start, then increase the time as desired.

Here she wears a crimson Michael Kors suit complete with matching red lipstick. She accessorises her suit with a masculine style watch and simple bangle.

Raw food guru Anya Ladra and her team of expert chefs have created a special menu of low-calorie botanical foods (including some delicious raw chocolate desserts) and juices made from organic plants. The high concentration of enzymes, vitamins and minerals - as well as water - in the raw juice diets, are maintained because they are not lost through cooking processes, keep the body hydrated, nourished and speed up the detoxing process. The smoothies and juices are delicious and high in quality, as are the (albeit tiny) salads that accompany them. However, this 5 day cleanse is again quite pricey at $400!

Detoxes are a huge commitment. Some of them are can really help you cleanse your body while losing a little weight, while some of them are a little more like starving yourself. Do your research before Before doing any of these cleanses to make sure you truly understand the commitment and the nutritional value of the detox. You don't want to begin the process wanting to lose fat and wind up losing muscle mass in the end.

Glam by Kim Kardashian

Another fragrance some of us may be embarrassed to sport is Kim Kardashian's Glam perfume. However, this perfume has an enticing floral-fruity scent that makes you forget it's created by a celebrity that actually became famous for no real reason. Kim Kardashian's Glam has notes of tuberose, jasmine, rose, sandalwood, and iris butter. It's definitely for those of us who can't decide between having a fruity or floral scent as it encompasses both. Kim's fragrance is incredibly girly and flirtatious (I mean just look at its bottle), which makes it the perfect match for us bubbly and playful women